Landin & Alex, Backyard Garden Wedding

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I’m so happy to finally unwrap this gem. Landin and Alex’s backyard wedding is featured on my favorite blog, Snippet & Ink, where you can read about all that went into planning this day. I can’t say enough about these two and how much fun this day was. A giant thank you to Mayhar Design for styling, and to Without Wax, Katy for the stunning florals. And of course, the best second shooter around, Melody, for getting some beautiful photos. Some of these are hers.

Landin and Alex-1Bridesmaids Dress from JCrew-1Ann Taylor Wedding Collection Gown-2Ann Taylor Bridal Collection-2Ann Taylor Wedding Collection GownAnn Taylor Bridal Collection-1New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-7Florals by Without Wax Katy-2Florals by Without Wax Katy-1Elegant Farm Table Wedding-1Landa Park Wedding Portraits-2Landa Park Wedding Portraits-1New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-5Elegant Backyard Texas Wedding-1DIY Texas Backyard Wedding-1 DIY Texas Backyard Wedding-2 New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-5Spring Backyard Wedding-2Spring Backyard Wedding-1Without Wax Floral Design-1Naked Wedding Cake-2 Naked Wedding Cake-1Bluegrass Wedding Band-2Bluegrass Wedding Band-1Landa Park Wedding Photography-1  Without Wax Katy Wedding Bouquet-2Without Wax Katy Wedding Bouquet-1JCrew Bridesmaid Wedding-1 JCrew Bridesmaid Wedding-2Family Style Wedding Dinner-1 Family Style Wedding Dinner-2Garden Party Wedding-1Backyard Wedding Portraits-1New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-1New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-2Live Bluegrass Band Wedding-2Garden Party Wedding-1-2Garden Party Wedding-2New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-7New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-6New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-4


Sunday, May 25, 2014

I’m always daunted when I need to shoot at a place that’s been photographed thousands of times. How will I make something unique? How will I give my bride what she’s picturing without making replicas of what she’s seen on other sites? Aside from the Missions, The McNay Museum is the first choice for portraits in San Antonio. On most afternoons you can see half a dozen photographers wandering the grounds with their clients. It’s always seemed cheesy, not really my scene. For four years I avoided it and always had a long list of ‘better’ locations for clients who wanted to shoot there. But Grace knew from day one that we would shoot at the museum, no questions. She grew up visiting the museum and it’s where she married (yesterday!) the man she loves. I couldn’t (wouldn’t) argue that. So we get there…and it’s incredibly lit. Even better, there are exactly zero other people on the grounds (thank you Fiesta weekend). We took our time, walked all over, gushed about the upcoming wedding and along the way, made some of the simplest, happiest and most authentic bridals I can remember. The lesson in all this rambling, I guess, is that it’s not really about the backdrop. It’s about finding a place where the person in front of my camera feels happy/beautiful/giddy and go with it. And she is all of those things. Thank you, Grace.

GraceMcNay Museum Bridal Portraits-1-2San Antonio McNay Museum-1San Antonio McNay Museum-2McNay Museum San Antonio-1 McNay Museum San Antonio-2   McNay Museum Bridal Portraits-2


Callyn + Eric // Engaged

Friday, November 1, 2013

This was one of those shoots were you think, for sure, things are going to get rained out. We made a last minute plan to  shoot indoors, improvised and switched locations. Then the clouds broke. And the light was incredible. I do love shooting when it’s dark and moody but who can complain when you have to this to work with? And these two couldn’t stop smiling which, really, is all I ever need to make a good picture. I think they’re ready for it to be June.

San Antonio Engagement on Film Sweet Texas Engagement Photos-1-2 Sweet Texas Engagement Photos-2Happy Texas Engagement Photos-1Happy Texas Engagement Photos-2Sweet Texas Engagement Photos-1Texas Engagement Photos-1South Texas Engagement Photos-1Cute Texas Engagement Photos-2 Cute Texas Engagement Photos-3Cute Texas Engagement Photos-1Holga Engagement Photos-1 Energetic Texas Engagement Photos-1-2Energetic Texas Engagement Photos-1 Energetic Texas Engagement Photos-2Callyn and Eric-2Holga Engagement Photos-2


Monday, September 23, 2013

Twice as beautiful on the inside. I love this girl. She asked me photograph her engagement, her bridals, and then brought me to Mississippi for her wedding. All together, some of the best images I’ve ever made. All of that trust goes a long way.

Mission San Jose-1Mission San Jose Bridal Session-2Mission San Jose Bridal Session-1Mission San Jose Bridal Session-1-2

Cristina, San Antonio Bridals

Monday, July 29, 2013

Shot on Monday, finished on Tuesday, married on Saturday. Sometimes everything just comes together perfectly at the last minute.

Cristina-1San Antonio Wedding Photographer-1-2Cristina San Antonio Bridals-1San Antonio Wedding Photographer-2-2Cristina San Antonio Bridals-1-2San Antonio Wedding Photographer-1Cristina San Antonio Bridals-2