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Sunday, September 27, 2015

I have a boatload of photos from the past six months while traveling back and forth to the vineyard. Pretty pictures and personal photos from Spring, up to last week. New beautiful friends, gorgeous landscapes I’d never seen. Turns out I shot a ton, which is a safe sign that a place is good for me. Here are a few I found somewhere in the pile. More to come, when I find a good way to lay it all out.

Vineyard Spring 2015-2Vineyard Spring 2015-1Vineyard Spring 2015-3

Sarah and Kolten, Don Strange Ranch Wedding

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Don Strange of Texas Wedding-1Don Strange of Texas Wedding-2Don Strange of Texas Wedding-3Don Strange of Texas Wedding-4Don Strange of Texas Wedding-2-2Don Strange of Texas Wedding-5Don Strange of Texas Wedding-1-3Kolten Portraits-1Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-1Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-2First Look-1 First Look-2 First Look-3Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-4 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-3Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-5 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-6 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-7 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-8 Kolten-2Ushers-1Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-9 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-10 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-11 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-12 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-13 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-14Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-15Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-17Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-18 Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-19Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-1-2    Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-16Rustic DIY Hill Country Wedding-1-3I Do-1I Do-2Texas Hill Country Wedding-3 Texas Hill Country Wedding-4 Sarah and Kolten-1Texas Hill Country Wedding-5 Kolten and Sarah-1Kolten and Sarah-2Texas Hill Country Wedding-6 Texas Hill Country Wedding-7 Sarah and Kolten-1-2Sarah and Kolten-2Texas Hill Country Wedding-8 Texas Hill Country Wedding-9 Wildflower Arrangements-1Wildflower Arrangements-2Texas Hill Country Wedding-10 Texas Hill Country Wedding-11 Texas Hill Country Wedding-12 Texas Hill Country Wedding-13 Texas Hill Country Wedding-14 Texas Hill Country Wedding-15 Texas Hill Country Wedding-16 Texas Hill Country Wedding-17 Texas Hill Country Wedding-18 Texas Hill Country Wedding-19 Texas Hill Country Wedding-20 Texas Hill Country Wedding-21 Texas Hill Country Wedding-22 Texas Hill Country Wedding-23 Texas Hill Country Wedding-24 Texas Hill Country Wedding-25 Texas Hill Country Wedding-26 Texas Hill Country Wedding-27 Texas Hill Country Wedding-28 Texas Hill Country Wedding-29 Texas Hill Country Wedding-30 Texas Hill Country Wedding-31 Texas Hill Country Wedding-32


Monday, July 7, 2014


Landin & Alex, Backyard Garden Wedding

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I’m so happy to finally unwrap this gem. Landin and Alex’s backyard wedding is featured on my favorite blog, Snippet & Ink, where you can read about all that went into planning this day. I can’t say enough about these two and how much fun this day was. A giant thank you to Mayhar Design for styling, and to Without Wax, Katy for the stunning florals. And of course, the best second shooter around, Melody, for getting some beautiful photos. Some of these are hers.

Landin and Alex-1Bridesmaids Dress from JCrew-1Ann Taylor Wedding Collection Gown-2Ann Taylor Bridal Collection-2Ann Taylor Wedding Collection GownAnn Taylor Bridal Collection-1New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-7Florals by Without Wax Katy-2Florals by Without Wax Katy-1Elegant Farm Table Wedding-1Landa Park Wedding Portraits-2Landa Park Wedding Portraits-1New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-5Elegant Backyard Texas Wedding-1DIY Texas Backyard Wedding-1 DIY Texas Backyard Wedding-2 New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-5Spring Backyard Wedding-2Spring Backyard Wedding-1Without Wax Floral Design-1Naked Wedding Cake-2 Naked Wedding Cake-1Bluegrass Wedding Band-2Bluegrass Wedding Band-1Landa Park Wedding Photography-1  Without Wax Katy Wedding Bouquet-2Without Wax Katy Wedding Bouquet-1JCrew Bridesmaid Wedding-1 JCrew Bridesmaid Wedding-2Family Style Wedding Dinner-1 Family Style Wedding Dinner-2Garden Party Wedding-1Backyard Wedding Portraits-1New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-1New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-2Live Bluegrass Band Wedding-2Garden Party Wedding-1-2Garden Party Wedding-2New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-7New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-6New Braunfels Backyard Wedding-4

Recent Film, San Francisco

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These are all from the end of one roll or another, just killing frames before they go to the lab. I never, ever remember what I’ve taken until the scans come in.  Turns out I’ve been building a little archive from around the hood.

Christine Sargologos SF Bay-7Christine Sargologos SF Bay-4Christine Sargologos SF Bay-3Christine Sargologos SF Bay-2Christine Sargologos SF Bay-5Christine Sargologos SF Bay-1