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Sunday, September 27, 2015

I have a boatload of photos from the past six months while traveling back and forth to the vineyard. Pretty pictures and personal photos from Spring, up to last week. New beautiful friends, gorgeous landscapes I’d never seen. Turns out I shot a ton, which is a safe sign that a place is good for me. Here are a few I found somewhere in the pile. More to come, when I find a good way to lay it all out.

Vineyard Spring 2015-2Vineyard Spring 2015-1Vineyard Spring 2015-3


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When we moved we sold everything. We packed a minivan with our cameras and computers and dogs and road tripped West. I took some of these on my birthday, just before crossing the Texas border. At the time it felt kind of poetic; beginning a new decade in a new place, leaving my longtime home in the rearview and driving 80mph toward a big adventure. I think now I’m just glad to have seen such beautiful places on that trip. That sky just never gets old.

Roadtrip West 2014-1  Roadtrip West 2014-2    Roadtrip West 2014-4    Roadtrip West 2014-6


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last month I photographed a wonderful little dinner. The atmosphere and the menu were full of heart. So much talent and energy under one roof. You can learn more about Gypsyfeed over on their Facebook  page or their Blog. Keep your ear to the ground for their next event. This one sold out quickly. If you’re wondering about this amazing space, the dinner was hosted at The Richter, Co. I could shoot there every day. Bonus, they handcraft thoughtful, beautiful garments right here in downtown.

And on a tangent, can we also talk about San Antonio’s upswing? We are hitting some major high notes lately. There are new projects, restaurants and shows every time I look up. It’s energizing. If you know of another great event that needs documenting please drop me a line. I’m all about making pictures of the good things we’re doing here.

Gypsyfeed-1 Gypsyfeed-2 Dinner-PartySan Antonio Dinner Club-1Christine-Sargologos-PhotographySan Antonio Dinner Club-2

San Antonio Dinner Club-1-2 San Antonio Dinner Club-2-2San Antonio Dinner Club-3Pop-Up-DinnerGypsyfeed-3richter-2-2richter-1-2Gourmet San Antonio -1

Dinner at Richter Co.-2Dinner at Richter Co.-3The-Richter-CoDinner Club-1

Wandering in Mexico & Appreciating Everything

Sunday, August 4, 2013


How do you blog about something that you can’t really describe; a place that is so understated that all of your appreciations fall on the most minimal little scenes? There is no way to really share with you what I saw in Mexico back in May. I’ve decided.

It was a long stay in a small town. I spent a lot of time wandering and sitting quietly. Nothing else to it. A little food for lunch, a cold Coke in the afternoon. The beach in the evening, a showy Pacific sunset. Repeat. When you spend plenty of days in one place, without distractions, you can really connect with the ordinary. And then you can see that, honestly, it’s all very special. So I photographed that. Little, very special things. Dozens and dozens of frames, all of them so simple. And I love these photos. They put me right back on the sidewalk or beach or trail where I found them. Everything was blooming, fresh, overgrown, sandy. I felt great. I felt lucky and strong and so appreciative of the chance to wander alone. Those feelings are tethered to these photos so I can’t adequately describe what it is you’re really looking at. I know that the pile of pictures I have from this trip won’t mean more to anyone than they do to me. And so it goes for the photographer. Not every image I take will resonate with you. But they all resonate with me and I feel happy about that.

There’s a lesson here too: respect the heart in the art people make. Even if it’s bad or you just don’t get it (like me, most of the time) at least we can assume that they love it for a reason.

Mexico Travel_-2 Mexico Travel_-3 Mexico Travel_-4 Mexico Travel_-5 Mexico Travel_-6 Mexico Travel_San Pancho Travel-2Mexico-3San Pancho, MX-2Sayulita-2Sayulita-3San Pancho Travel-3SayulitaMexico

Tacos con Eva

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Being able to travel for work makes me giddy. For the first part of the month I was in Mexico shooting a couple of weddings with some super talented friends. Beautiful, wonderful weddings. More on that later. On the off days and nights I wandered, usually with a camera, just feeling lucky and relaxed. I rented a little apartment in a tiny town and made that home for a couple of weeks. There were roosters every morning, Coca Colas every afternoon, swimming in the evening and work when it was too hot to go outside. And there was Eva, who’s little corner restaurant was (too conveniently) set up on the street below my window. You don’t need to know how many times I ate here. I had to take a few photos back home with me.

Tacos con Eva-2-2 Tacos con Eva-3 Tacos con Eva-4 Tacos con Eva-5 Tacos con Eva-6 Tacos con Eva-2Tacos con EvaTacos con Eva-7 San Pancho