Friday, April 24, 2015

A few favorites from a gorgeous collaboration. I’m so grateful for this talented team:

Dresses: Natalie Deayala Collection

Jewelry: Sweet & Spark

Florals: Tango & Foxtrot

Hair & Makeup: Michelle Tan & Christina Chen

Location: Firehouse 8

Models: Caroline Rooney & Ana Murray (Scout)

Sargologos_Natalie Dealaya Collection-1-2Sargologos_Tango&Foxtrot-2Sargologos_Tango&Foxtrot-1-3Sargologos_Sweet & Spark-1   Sargologos_NatalieDealaya-1 Sargologos_NatalieDealaya-2Sargologos_Natalie Dealaya Collection-1


Monday, July 7, 2014



Sunday, May 25, 2014

I’m always daunted when I need to shoot at a place that’s been photographed thousands of times. How will I make something unique? How will I give my bride what she’s picturing without making replicas of what she’s seen on other sites? Aside from the Missions, The McNay Museum is the first choice for portraits in San Antonio. On most afternoons you can see half a dozen photographers wandering the grounds with their clients. It’s always seemed cheesy, not really my scene. For four years I avoided it and always had a long list of ‘better’ locations for clients who wanted to shoot there. But Grace knew from day one that we would shoot at the museum, no questions. She grew up visiting the museum and it’s where she married (yesterday!) the man she loves. I couldn’t (wouldn’t) argue that. So we get there…and it’s incredibly lit. Even better, there are exactly zero other people on the grounds (thank you Fiesta weekend). We took our time, walked all over, gushed about the upcoming wedding and along the way, made some of the simplest, happiest and most authentic bridals I can remember. The lesson in all this rambling, I guess, is that it’s not really about the backdrop. It’s about finding a place where the person in front of my camera feels happy/beautiful/giddy and go with it. And she is all of those things. Thank you, Grace.

GraceMcNay Museum Bridal Portraits-1-2San Antonio McNay Museum-1San Antonio McNay Museum-2McNay Museum San Antonio-1 McNay Museum San Antonio-2   McNay Museum Bridal Portraits-2


Bailey’s Bridals at Cibolo Nature Center

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hill Country Bridal Session-1 Boerne Bridals Session-1Hill Country Bridal Session-1-2Boerne Bridals Session-2Happy Wedding Photography-2-2Happy Wedding Photography-1-2San Antonio Wedding Photographer-1Central Texas Bridals Session-1Boerne Bridals Session-3


Monday, September 23, 2013

Twice as beautiful on the inside. I love this girl. She asked me photograph her engagement, her bridals, and then brought me to Mississippi for her wedding. All together, some of the best images I’ve ever made. All of that trust goes a long way.

Mission San Jose-1Mission San Jose Bridal Session-2Mission San Jose Bridal Session-1Mission San Jose Bridal Session-1-2