Big Sur Bakery Wedding, Kirsten & Evan

Friday, October 31, 2014

Thanks so much to Ryan Flynn for bringing me along to shoot this with him…


Big Sur. It’s magic. In one short stretch of coast are towering Redwoods, yellow-gold hills and the bluest Pacific water I’ve ever seen. And that cute Big Sur River, cutting from forest to ocean.

Evan and Kirsten planned their wedding without ever visiting. Family and friends circled around, drank lemonade and watched them say ‘I do’ at the base of those massive trees. And then, with a luxurious amount of time for portraits, we all wandered up hills, to the ocean, into the river and back to the forest. We saw it all. I left so recharged and inspired after that weekend. And I realized how special it must have been for E & K to do their wedding this way; coupling this big day with some really memorable exploring.

To end the day, everyone traded stories and shared dinner under the garden lights at Big Sur Bakery. Intimate, small and authentic. Maybe one of my favorite weddings to date.

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Intimate Big Sur Wedding-1 Intimate Big Sur Wedding-2


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  • Savannah Westover

    Hi Christine, any chance you would share where the location of this ceremony was? Thanks so much!