Tiffany & Matt, Welfare Cafe Wedding

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This couple, this place, this entire day, brightened my Spring. I cannot overstate the gift of clients who love and appreciate the way you see things, and give you free reign (and plenty of time) to photograph as you wish. I’m a lucky girl.

Nordstrom Bridal Gown-1Welfare Cafe and Goat Barn Wedding-6Rustic Texas Barn Wedding-3Rustic Texas Barn Wedding-8Welfare Cafe and Goat Barn Wedding-1

Rustic Texas Barn Wedding-7Rustic Texas Barn Wedding-6Spring Wedding in Texas Hill Country-2Welfare Goat Barn Wedding-2Welfare Goat Barn Wedding-1Hill Country Farm Wedding-1Welfare Cafe and Goat Barn Wedding-2

Rustic Texas Barn Wedding-4 Rustic Texas Barn Wedding-5   Welfare Cafe and Goat Barn Wedding-3Welfare Cafe and Goat Barn Wedding-4Welfare Cafe and Goat Barn Wedding-5Handmade DIY Wedding Favors-1Handmade DIY Wedding Favors-2Spring Wedding in Texas Hill Country-1Welfare Goat Barn Wedding-3 Welfare Goat Barn Wedding-4Welfare Goat Barn Wedding-1Welfare Goat Barn Wedding-1-2Holga Wedding Photography-1Welfare Goat Barn Wedding-1-3Welfare Goat Barn Wedding-2Tiffany and Matt-1-3Tiffany and Matt-1Tiffany and Matt-1-2Holga Wedding Photography-2South Texas DIY Wedding-1South Texas DIY Wedding-2South Texas DIY Wedding-3South Texas DIY Wedding-4South Texas DIY Wedding-5South Texas DIY Wedding-6South Texas DIY Wedding-7South Texas DIY Wedding-8South Texas DIY Wedding-9South Texas DIY Wedding-10South Texas DIY Wedding-11South Texas DIY Wedding-1-2South Texas DIY Wedding-2-2South Texas DIY Wedding-3-2South Texas DIY Wedding-4-2

  • Mirelle

    Christine. SO SO SOOOOooooo good. Swooning over this wedding and these gorgeous images!

  • Jaine Kershner

    simply stunning! what a fun loving & gorgeous couple. so many wonderful moments captured!

  • Kina

    Christine! These are soulful and gorgeous!

  • kelsy mccartney

    what a gorgeous wedding! love the lights, the photo of them recessing out of their ceremony, and the fun dancing photos especially. so much energy! great job :)

  • Lindsay Madden

    What a beautiful couple & wedding! :) Great images!!

  • connie chang

    so fun! love the dancing photos!

  • kel ward

    I’m kind of madly in love with their wedding and these photos. THAT is how you do a rustic wedding! Absolutely gorgeous and charming! LOVE.

  • wendy laurel

    wow wow wow!!

  • Nicole Spangler

    Love love love!! That location is gorgeous!

  • Trish Barker

    Love how you worked with the light in these! And that dress shot is just… divine!