Chris + Kari

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I could shoot weddings like this all year.

When I met Kari she told me that only a couple of things mattered going into the wedding: that everyone have a great time and that there are photos of it. They had picked a family home for the ceremony and dinner with a couple dozen friends, and there would be beautiful flowers (and WOW, Cebolla nailed it). Beyond that she told me she didn’t need a picture of her dress hanging from a tree, or photos of her Tom’s. No garter, no DJ. She and Chris worked hard to keep it simple. They did a first look, shared a martini, greeted everyone and said I do in a circle of loved ones. It was honest and perfect, and only a few hours after the most torrential rain and flooding San Antonio has had in decades.

Nothing phased them and nothing distracted from the main act. Chris and Kari are in love and it was their wedding day. Thank you to Style Me Pretty for sharing this wedding!

Kari & Chris-2Kari & Chris-1Texas Hill Country Wedding-2Texas Hill Country Wedding-1Canyon Lake Wedding-4Canyon Lake Wedding-3Hill Country Wedding-1Canyon Lake Wedding-7Kari & Chris-3Kari & Chris-4DIY San Antonio Wedding-2Canyon Lake Wedding-1Texas Wedding Photographer-1Kari & Chris-5Kari & Chris-6Canyon Lake Wedding-5  Canyon Lake Wedding-9Canyon Lake Wedding-2 DIY San Antonio Wedding-3Kari & Chris-10DIY San Antonio Wedding-6 Canyon Lake Wedding-6Texas Hill Country Wedding-3 Kari & Chris-7Kari & Chris-8Texas Hill Country Wedding-4Canyon Lake Wedding-11Canyon Lake Wedding-12Kari & Chris-9  DIY San Antonio Wedding-5DIY San Antonio Wedding-4Kari & Chris-11 Kari & Chris-12 Kari & Chris-13 Kari & Chris-14 Kari & Chris-15 Kari & Chris-16 Kari & Chris-17 Canyon Lake Wedding-8Canyon Lake Wedding-13 Canyon Lake Wedding-14 Canyon Lake Wedding-15 Canyon Lake Wedding-16 Canyon Lake Wedding-17 Canyon Lake Wedding-18 Canyon Lake Wedding-19 Texas Wedding Photographer-2Canyon Lake Wedding-20 Canyon Lake Wedding-21 Kari & Chris-18Kari & Chris-19Kari & Chris-21Kari & Chris-22Kari & Chris-20

  • Terri Hudler-Hull

    Christine…these are wonderful…it’s amazing what a beautiful bride and a great photographer can come up with to make a day as memorable as this one. Thank you. Terri